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Postby kiwiflyboy » Sat Sep 20, 2008 4:24 am

:) Ok with a lot of eye strain messing around i have fixed my ctd from cordon to garbage.It all had a lot to do with the carry more weight mod v1.1,i took out the gamedata from my directory and hey presto it fixed the problem.Now after a lot of mucking around i can now use the carry more weight mod and still access Garbage,as yet i haven't tried Agro,but for the moment i'm :D . I am actually using the carry more mod in with the no head bobbing and no crosshair mods,its a bit of mucking around but it can be done,if you want to keep the crosshair and get rid of the bloody obnoxious huge default one do this.Download the no crosshair mod,put in your Clear Sky directory,open up gamedata,configs,system ltx,scroll down to hud cursor,these are the settings i use and it leaves you with a nice size crosshair,
crosslength 0.006,minradius 0.0,maxradius 0.01,lerpspeed 0.01,dispscale 0.006,if you want it smaller again just play with it till you are happy.I cut the more weight down to 120,you have to make sure in actor ltx you do the same thing there,as it had two weights in max item mass,i deleted both and used 120 and changed max walk weight to 140,hopes this helps someone,cheers all 8)
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