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Hp Gaming - Your Source for Underground Games!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:15 pm
by Hpnot1Q
Long time lurker :)

Before we start i would just like to mention that i checked the rules and made sure i do not break any with this thread.

With that said, i would like to introduce Hp Gaming. So what is it ?

Hp Gaming is a brand new website that is all about bringing the underground to light.

Founder and Operator Armén Jepremjan aka Hpnot1Q wanted to create a website that is fully dedicated towards games that in my opinion deserve more attention, these games are what i consider ”underground” among games. Meaning to say that they have allot of potential in them to reach a wider variety of gamers across the world than they already have. Some of the games are already out while others are still in development.

These games are being handpicked by me by looking at a wide range of different things. My own personal liking being one of them but not the main thing. Mainly these are games that have a small but very hardcore dedicated fan base. Take for example the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, this trilogy has a very dedicated fan base that always comes back to it regardless how many other games he or she has played in between. Not to mention the vast amount of moding potential they have. Another example would be the company’s honesty and hard work, i much rather spread the word on small companies that make great games and see them get payed rather than big companies that give you the same shit but different year. *cough cough*

For now you can expect the latest news on the games that we support directly from our trusty source(s)

However, in the future, depending on the amount of public and the demand, we might start Podcasts, live streams, gameplay video, reviews and more!

If you want the latest news from Hp Gaming ASAP, please like us on Facebook to be up to date 24/7!

This is a small project for now but can grow out much bigger depending on the public demand, if you would like to know what games we support and bring the latest news on, please click the following link: However, just because it is a small project for now does not mean i will not do my absolute best to bring you the latest news on these underground games!

Please be aware that the site is currently being advertised by various other sites, this means that you could experience some technical down time due to high amount of traffic. The host service will be upgraded as soon as i see fit. Do also keep in mind that the site is still being polished!

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