Scope for Groza/Tunder?

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Scope for Groza/Tunder?

Postby Thrawn » Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:38 am

Im got a lil bit too used to ol 2.2 mod where you can put scope on the tunder.

does this not work in priboi story?

really annoying, having to take vintorez and groza with you, i just like to get rid of the vintar bc if i get groza with scope.
is it actually possible? if not, can you tell me how to do it in files?

ps. in vanilla stalker i got really pissed off and greedy every time i went to sidorovich with the tunder on his tooltable where hes attaching the scope

Re: Scope for Groza/Tunder?

Postby Lobo » Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:23 pm

You can add a scope and silencer

Goto: \gamedata\config\weapons

Find the w_groza.ltx open it with notepad, (make sure to remove the checkmark from always use this program to open...).

Find the paragraph below

scope_status = 0
silencer_status = 0
grenade_launcher_status = 1

Change it to:

scope_status = 2
silencer_status = 2
grenade_launcher_status = 1

This way you will be able to add a scope, and silencer (worked for me :) )
Hope this helps :)
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