Enormous amounts of mutants in Pripyat?

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Enormous amounts of mutants in Pripyat?

Postby Jelle » Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:53 pm


I'm quite sure this is not a bug, it's just something that annoyed me greatly.
So I went into Pripyat for the first time in ages (didn't know the layout anymore >_> ) , and almost 5 minutes into it a blowout occured. I hid somewhere, but after the blow out finished, there were a trillion zombies and dwarves running around.
While that's something I can cope with ( I hate the rodents though. Most annoying enemy ever >_> ), it seems the mutants only hate people that don't wear the Monolith clantag.

So I'm getting sniped/shot at from Monolith guys while trying to get away from the walking dead. I had a screenshot with no less then 20 zombies chasing me but unfortunately I can't find it in my screenshots folder :(

The few military stalkers that were running around all died pretty fast to, I'm only finding corpses.

Is it true that Monolith guys are not affected by mutants or am I just never seeing them fight? If so, is there a way to turn that off? It doesn't really add to the storyline imo, and it's annoying that the mutants only have one enemy - me.
If there's no way to toggle it off, anyone knows some general tips to get through Pripyat in one piece? I left my shotty at home because I thought I would be fighting Monoliths.

Update: yeah so I made it somehow, I don't know where all the mutants went but after I killed some monoliths and ran through the town a few times, the major amount of mutants seemed to be gone ~_~?
Still can't find the military that's supposed to be in pripyat - the few that I find I can't talk to and they - along with Dutyer - find hugging the electroanomalies quite fun.
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Re: Enormous amounts of mutants in Pripyat?

Postby Red Schuhart » Thu Jul 09, 2009 3:06 am

I think my record for zombies was 38 outside the Brainscorcher compound. Along with cats, controllers, about 6 bloodsuckers, several chimarae and a bunch of dogs.

Make a note of any large groups who like you (I like to be friendly with both Freedom and Duty. That way it doesn't matter who wins the scrap on the hill up to the Pripyat level-changer in Red Forest). Then, when you're being chased by a lot of mutants, go to them. They'll help fight them off - either that or they become zombie food.

A tip for rats - jump onto something. They'll usually gather beside whatever it is and you can pick them all off without risking injury.

Take a look in the 'Creatures' file and find the actor.ltx and change the 'jump_speed' to '9.' - that will let you jump a good bit higher - almost high enough to leap onto the roof of a bus.

Then you can use the same technique with bloodsuckers, dogs, etc. Doesn't work with pseudodogs, though, because they just jump up there with you.

Another little tip - when facing a pseudogiant watch it as carefully as you can. It is always obvious when it is about to stamp the ground and hit you with a shockwave. If you can be in the air when its foot lands the shockwave will have no effect on you. Just time a jump.

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Re: Enormous amounts of mutants in Pripyat?

Postby dez » Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:19 pm

it depends on which version you played :)

in 1.1 latest patch, it was reduced, but also, you can reduce it, just go to config\blowout\ folder and look for the spawns file. there you see level names, and list of monsters which will be spawned. also you see numbers after each monster's name. thats the amount, you can reduce it.
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Re: Enormous amounts of mutants in Pripyat?

Postby Lobo » Fri Jul 10, 2009 6:32 pm

I had the same trouble in Priboi 1.1, going to up the hill to the brainscorcher, i was greeted with lots of monolith, a huge bunch of mutants of all sorts.

I had to jump the truck where one of the monolith snipers normally stands. so i was surrounded by many angry mutants, the truck is a radiation hotbed, and while shooting to save my hide, a blowout happens..... which in turn spawn more mutants....so the antirads, ammo and medkits where depleting quickly.

Needless to say that i did not survive :(

So i think i will use the option to decrease the amount of mutant after each blowout :D
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Re: Enormous amounts of mutants in Pripyat?

Postby AfterburnzzPX » Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:39 am

I think my record for zombies was 38 outside the Brainscorcher compound. Along with cats, controllers, about 6 bloodsuckers, several chimarae and a bunch of dogs.

Had exactly 44 zombies in PRipyat, several controllers (4-6), three tons of burers and a bunch of other stuff. No bugs there. Or so I believe.
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