I love Duty

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I love Duty

Postby Jelle » Fri Oct 09, 2009 1:42 pm

A short inspiring story.
After I came back from my first visit to the NPP, Pripyat was a giant mess. The remaining monoliths , a group of dutiers and another group of freedomers were fighting each other near that T-junction at the end of the main street. Not so unusual, but still rather neat, I thought. Then, when I moved to the Red Forest level changer, there was this _huge_ loner 'camp'. About 20 of them, all sitting there, eating, sleeping, wandering around a bit.

Then, from the Red Forest, a giant mob of Monoliths - probably to replace all those who've been killed near NPP/Monolith base - spawned near the border of the camp. Somewhere around twelve to fourteen (maybe more o_O) Monolith died, only 2 of the loner camp inhabitants.

Now when I visited Pripyat for the second time, the loner camp was reinforced by a good portion of Dutiers. I think the people in the camp felt it was getting to crowded, so they moved into Pripyat.
En masse.
Currently Duty is attacking the Monolith base, Loners are roaming everywhere. Unfortunatly 5 good guys lost their life in the usual electro anomaly, but boy Monolith is getting trashed so badly. I thought Pripyat was going to be a sniperfest but now it's just a breeze :D . I've never seen anything like this before :D
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Re: I love Duty

Postby dez » Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:10 pm

sounds good :) i never played our mod so much to see such events, after setting up the files and so we were too tired of it to play for long :D

thats why i like to read these stories. thanks :)
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