MUST READ: what to take into account before reporting a bug

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MUST READ: what to take into account before reporting a bug

Postby CruxMDQ » Sat May 03, 2014 5:11 pm

To minimize issues, before starting play:
  • If you have been playing Lost Alpha before the 1.3001 patch, uninstall it.
  • Reinstall LA, preferably on a folder outside a system-restricted folder such as C:\Program Files (x86).
  • Apply patch.

Can I keep my savegames?
If you haven't applied any third-party mods or fixes, then yes. Otherwise, a new game is recommended.

HELP! I'm running mod X and I'm having a crash while doing Y!
Try to reproduce the bug without any mods installed. If after doing that you experience no issues, then notify the mod author(s). It's their responsibility to fix it.

Alright, ALRIGHT! I've done all that you asked and this thing's still totally borked.
Can you positively, absolutely say you've looked all over these forums and you haven't found your issue mentioned anywhere? There's two major bug-tracking threads that get constant attention, you may want to look there first.

I haven't found my problem anywhere else. What kind of information do you need?
Disclaimer: I hate walls of text myself. Even if I'm prone to writing them. *AHEM*

With that said, this IS necessary. Think of it this way: inadequate information may send up the devs into a merry chase after a ghost that never materializes, robbing them of the precious time they need to fix other issues. Want to lighten this grim picture up a little? Read this carefully and post according to these guidelines: ... &sec_id=12

Notice: please get used to these guidelines. The team needs to squeeze the most out of the time they got - time for which nobody's paying them. So, after the next patch is out, threads that fail to adhere to them will be closed.

Update: given how LARGE the buglist has grown, the policy I was going to implement after next patch is effective as of May 8th. ANY reports posted WITHOUT logs (in case of crashes) or screenshots/videos (in case of gameplay issues or glitches) WILL BE DISREGARDED.
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