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Transceiver and Artifact Transmutation.

PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 2:05 am
by Lhotse5
Ok, 2 stupid questions and I promise not to ask anymore. :oops:

1) I've been lugging around this 2 lb. 'Transceiver' for a while. Does this thing do anything or is it just garbage/salvage ?

2) Once I got to Yantar, I had the conversation with the Professor about the artifact transmutator. My question is, how do you know what the different recipes do and what you need to create them before you buy them and does anyone have a listing of all this ?

Re: Transceiver and Artifact Transmutation.

PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 8:41 am
by Shredstorm
I finished the game, and didn't find a quest that needs the transceiver / transciever. I might've missed something though. Same goes for the hand radio in Petrenko's room and the explosives box in the bandit building.

As for transmutation, I'm gonna type out the recipes I bought from the guy in Yantar. However, I finished the game without ever getting my hands on the artifact merger, neither as loot nor in any trader's inventory (including Deedee and the scientists in Yantar), so I don't know what most of them do. I looted a few in this list from dead people: Cuttlefish (Rad +5, Rupture +5%), Snowflake (+20% stamina, -15% electricity, iirc) and Compass (can't remember, but it was disappointing).

Electra - 1h - 3.5k
1x Flash
2x Sparkler
3x Dog Tail

Sauron's Eye - 6h - 5k
1x Droplet
1x Flash
2x Zombie Hand

Compass - 5h - 6k
1x Kolobok
1x Crystal Thorn
1x Mica

Snowflake - 4h - 4k
1x Moonlight
1x Flash
1x Sparkler

Flame - 6h - 6k
1x Fireball
1x Stone Flower
1x Night Star

Bubble - 4h - 5k
1x Pellicle
2x Wrenched

Bouquet - 4h - 3.5k
1x Crystal Flower
2x Jellyfish

Firefly - 3h - 6k
1x Wrenched
1x Stone Blood
1x Slug

Rock - 3h - 4k
1x Stone Blood
1x Soul
1x Snork Foot

Liver - 3h - 4k
1x Soul
1x Mica
1x Bloodsucker Tentacles

Cuttlefish - 4h - 5k
1x Jellyfish
1x Gravi

Re: Transceiver and Artifact Transmutation.

PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2014 4:25 am
by Ram
Rock and Eye are really the only ones worth creating but they're very useful.