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Graphics Information

Postby bulletbelch » Mon May 26, 2014 6:57 pm

Maybe this free download from Intel will help:


Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) is a suite of tools for graphics analysis and optimization that can help you make games and other graphics-intensive applications run even faster. Intel GPA supports the platforms based on the latest generations of Intel Core™ and Intel Atom™ processor families, for applications developed for either Windows* OS or Android* OS.

Link: ... Ogod1nsAYw

Also at the same link is the free Intel® Frame Debugger.

I went there because when I tried to start SOC I got an error saying I needed Pixel Shader 1.1 (didn't know what it was). I first updated my NVideia Geforce video card software. That didn't work. My video card has been playing all the Stalker games including Lost Alpha but wouldn't start SOC in Steam (after I added the Paradise Lost Mod to the Steam Folder). I removed the mod and COS started like it did before.

The Intel files I downloaded would be great for someone that knows more than me about graphics. It has a couple of nice toys that you can play with to modify sample videos. I was looking for something to find what Pixel Shader 1.1 is.

I found out the following info that may help someone else. I don't know why I got the Piel Shader 1.1 error because I am running DirectX 11.0 which should uses version Pizxel Shader 5.0. I like the dxdiag trick. It generates a very imformative report that it saves a very imformative report as DxDiag.txt on the desktop.

General Guideline - DirectX Levels and Pixel Shader Versions:

DirectX 8.0 - Pixel Shader 1.1
DirectX 8.1 - Pixel Shader 1.3 & 1.4
DirectX 9.0 - Pixel Shader 2.0
DirectX 9.0c - Pixel Shader 3.0
DirectX 10.0 - Pixel Shader 4.0
DirectX 10.1 - Pixel Shader 4.1
DirectX 11.0 - Pixel Shader 5.0

How can I determine the version of DirectX I am running?

Go to the Start button and select Run.
Type in dxdiag and click the OK button to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
The version of Direct X running on your machine is the last item in the System Information box.
Click Exit in the lower right hand corner of the window to close the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

Somewhere, I read that Direct X 9 will not run on Windows 8.1 machines (like mine). The video settings in the Lost Alpha allow the user to select Direct X 9. Fore that reason I selected the second (dynamic) option when the first (static) option did not work.

What has the Steam version of COS have to do with COS LA? Maybe nothing - I don't know anything about graphics - but maybe something for those that do know something about graphics programs that run "R2".

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