DEZ ... setup.exe issue

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DEZ ... setup.exe issue

Postby brandon2u » Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:26 am

during install the 'setup.exe'
uses incorrect working directory for icons.
this is true of both 1.3000 install and all patches.

setup.exe script file tells the icons:
WorkingDir: "{app}"

icons should point to:
WorkingDir: "{app}\bins"

all LostAlpha executables are in the 'bins' folder... not the root folder.
currently some mods look for the 'working directory' and are directed to the root folder... not good.

above recommended change to icon working directory in setup.exe has no negative effect...
1. very very simple change to setup.exe
2. default Lost Alpha install is normal, patch install is normal, and launch is normal.
2. fixes launch/crash issues for SweetFX and a few other mods.
(sorry AMD, still best you use RadeonPro with SweetFX... injector issues.)
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Re: DEZ ... setup.exe issue

Postby utak3r » Tue Oct 14, 2014 8:43 am

Absolutely NOT, of course. Working dir has to be the main directory.
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