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Complete Save Game Pack | From The Beginning To The End

Postby Hidaruma » Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:34 pm

Hey there :) so I recently finished Lost Alpha's storyline and during the gameplay I encountered such "bugs" like dying in mine, stuck at graveyard, "scarecow" thing kills me etc. So here you are. I made a complete savegame pack numbered by the game state from 1 to 90. *spoiler*Like if you killed the Sin members during the saving Fox mission and you continuously die in the mine while reaching the Sins, you can load the savegame right before meeting the Sin members at the Cordon. *spoiler end* If you curious about the game's different endings you can load the state when Marked One is in the Power Plant and/or follow the Monolit's call.
When your download finished go to your Lost Alpha folder then open appdata, go to savedgames folder and extract the content of savedgames.7z into it. Done. Now you can chose the gamestate in your game.

P.S: All the savegames contains lot of stuff in inventory. Sorry about that, I'm a gathering type so I never really used to leave weapons/stuff anywhere so your character 'may' be overburdened by them. You can drop the stuff you don't need or download the more carry weight mod. :roll:

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Re: Complete Save Game Pack | From The Beginning To The End

Postby dez » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:44 pm

Nice collection, thanks for sharing, it will be useful for many users for sure! :drinkers:
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