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Graphical settings topic

Postby MeGiant » Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:27 pm

Hi everyone. I searched the forum for discussions on graphical settings in the mod, but did not find one.

I went into Lost Alpha expecting no real graphical changes, but was very pleasantly surprised by some graphical improvements. I remember SoC as being a pretty barren landscape, but LA delivers huge grass improvements really transforming the zone, and if I'm not mistaken a few new effects. The downside is that I started out maxing out all settings, also manually putting all sliders on max, just to find out my GTX970 wasn't able to handle this with more than 10 FPS.

I started playing around with the settings a bit and found out that the grass density and distance and the object detail are dominant settings in performance. These are also the settings that are tuned down a bit on the 'highest" and "high" graphic presets, iirc. However, the grass density is one of the best additions, and lowering grass distance leads to ugly grass pop-in and looking at bare land surfaces when using the binoculars, so I would like to keep it pretty high.

So I was wondering if anyone has experiences with finding good settings and tweaking using their graphics setup. As said, I have a GTX970, but I would like to hear about all experiences.

  • What is your graphic hardware and what settings are you playing on?
  • What are good settings to tune down a bit without losing too much of visual quality and keeping the zone beautiful?
  • What settings have high impact in your experience on performance?
Let's start sharing the graphical settings experiences to learn from it :)
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