Monolith behaviour after Radar/Patriarch blowout

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Monolith behaviour after Radar/Patriarch blowout

Postby Gibarian » Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:02 pm

Playing DC 1.4002 I'm enemy with Monolith but payed the 5000 RUs to cross Radar unharmed at some point earlier in the game.

Here's the situation:
Since then I came back to Nomad to get his belongings. Monolith captain brings me to patriarch (including shooting down helicopter, kill some mutants). Then the patriarch meeting, then the scripted blowout, I run and hide in Nomad's hut, there I get Nomad's stash. Waking up there's a controller in there with a cup of coffee, I say adieu but down on the road the Monolith attack me. Why that? I read that they get aggressive when I try to hide in their shelter but that's what I didn't do. Bug? Anything I did wrong?

Also what if I keep it at that, having Radar very unfreidly towards me, any backlashing obstacles to expect in the future? I wouldn't mind roaming around Radar in peace...
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Re: Monolith behaviour after Radar/Patriarch blowout

Postby dez » Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:20 am

Hey, maybe it's not the best design, but yes, monolith becomes your enemy after the blowout. You can kill the annoying ones, and you can explore the map that way.
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