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Programmer(s) wanted

PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:10 pm
by dez
Our eam is looking for an assiduous and active old school programmer with a good knowledge of Lua and preferably Cu. ASM would be desirable (C++ optional). Knowledge of rendering technology based on Directx 9-11 and version control systems ( Git, SVN would be a bonus) to work in conjunction with the diligent and active junior team on the LOST Alpha project.

Experience in the gaming industry, as well as at least some basic understanding of the X-ray engine would also be a plus and your own initiative would be welcome in order to guide the development of the engine itself in the right direction and in accordance with the wishes of game designers.

This will not be a paid position (unless we reach the desired quality level) and so the work would be in your spare time out of pure enthusiasm and passion. 4-5 commits or a few hours a week would be enough.