Modeler(s) and/or Animator(s) wanted

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Modeler(s) and/or Animator(s) wanted

Postby dez » Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:20 pm

Would you like to join us and help to finish a dream project? We had tons of modelers since 2008, but none of them could stay long, which means many cool ideas were started, then suddenly abandoned. We had to finish most of them on our own, but you can imagine how animations looks like if a programmer or game designer tries to make them, instead of a modeler / animator.

We need volunteer(s), with average freetime, a few commits per week is enough. Experience in xray engine games (stalker series, codename outbreak etc) is preferred, but not required.


- fix, finetune animations for scenes
- create new npc meshes to have more variations (either with combining some, or make totally new on your own)


- max, maya, blender, or milkshape preferred, because we only have plugins for those tools
- we provide raw npc meshes, mutant meshes as well to work with, this way it will be easier to create new npc models, you can simply rig them with the helper objects
- we will provide all necessary tools for your work
- skype, icq for chatting with us


Currently we can not pay money, however if we reach the desired quality level, this project will go commercial, which would change things. We all work by passion since 2008, and we are thinking positively. This project would be a good to get in the gaming industry, of course everything depends on the quality we can achieve.

Contact us thru or write a pm here!
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