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Postby Nova » Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:10 am

Ive already PM'ed Dez a couple of times, but i figured id better fill out a post with a decent wall of text.

Alias: Nova
Age: 22
*noteable* Previous Experience:
* Garrys mod 10, major contributor (name is actually in the games credits ) Commercial game, Extensive use of lua, Actor and Prop modeling.
* Ut2004: Death ball, and other mods. Minor involvement, scripting and modeling.

i am qualified network engineer and systems administrator and im a pretty stable job
so circumstances are unlikely to change, At a minimum i will guarantee 15 hours a week ( but i normally do about 40+ ) my preference is scripting and i am a skilled modeler, im willing try my hand at pretty much anything (ive got a learning carve like a brick wall, BOYAH!) im very effective, and work quickly.

i have also spent alot of time experimenting with STALKER.
one such successful experiment being a bayonet for a modded akuban
(greande attachment model replaced with a knife, grenade ammo replacesd with a very short range bullet = STABBING FUN) i also used the same technique for pistol whipping :P
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