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Stalker build 1935

Postby Thrawn » Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:33 am

HI ive got a problem with 1935 build

I was wondering whether you guys were thinking of making a new section about 1935 ( maybe i just couldnt find it) havent you done a lil bit of fixing on it yet dezo?

i was looking at gsc forums but its just too big a thread, though i looked through it all there was no answer to my question...

***STOP*** file 'D:\Projects\XRAY\xrNetServer\NET_Client.cpp', line 250.
***Reason***: *** API-failure ***
Invalid device address
Expression: res
***STOP*** file '(null)', line 0.
***Reason***: *** Internal Error ***

somebody said to me its got to do with dual core processors... disabling one unit didnt help. i deleted savegame folder and started it with alife_s bat then i get that error. im using vista 32 hp and run it in compatibility mode.
i even downloaded that xkowekx patch but i get same error? any ideas?

sorry if i misplaced this

Re: Stalker build 1935

Postby dez » Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:25 pm

sorry but we dont plan to spend time on fixing build 1935. and to tell the truth its not so fixable as final shoc, its much older engine, no detailed log, these logs only useful for devs, not for us.
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