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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby unclevinnie » Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:42 pm

dezodor wrote:here you can write gossips or stories about living in the zone, about stalkers life, or anything you would like to write, but should be in connection with the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The best ones will be included in Lost Alpha with the author's character in game.

Is it still actual? or the "literature contest" is already over?
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby dez » Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:43 pm

you can write some, we havent selected the best ones yes, will do it later, so you still have time :)
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby unclevinnie » Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:18 pm

This story consists of several parts.
While playing all parts of stalker, I've noticed that I'm not very excited with the stories, which npc-s can tell.
I asked npc-s to tell a story, more when I was nothing to do, or when I want to make a break after some hard quest.
So, I was excited about making some stories, which will be original, and which you can't listen all at once,
which you need to dig out on different locations, trying to understand the whole picture of what has happen.
I believe, it corresponds to stalker idea, and atmosphere.
Maybe - it will add interest, if these parts of story will be told to FPS only after a certain quest, or smth.

So, there's my story. Please don't judge to strict.

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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby unclevinnie » Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:24 pm


FIRST PERSON, STALKER (FPS): Got some interesting story?

BARMEN (BAR): Glad to see you still alive. Still hanging around here, looking for troubles to your ass?

If you are so interested, I'll tell you one good old story.
Maybe, it will teach you once and forever, not to rush in all fishy affairs, which you can be offered here from anyone.

A couple of years ago, scientists came to the duty faction leader (former, already) with an offer, which he couldn't refuse... That Colonel Petrovsky, have always been dreaming about scientists, sharing with him all their research results, new prototypes, and all that freak stuff.
Being a butcher by nature, he realized that it will give duty absolutely dominating role, and was ready to sacrifice a lot for that. He have already imagined, how he will personally slaughter all mutants in a big bloody soup, with the help of scientific gadgets! No surprise - Petrovsky was ready to make this deal with egg-heads, on almost any terms.

From their side - scientists required something, being as much unique, as much it was weird. No, not weird... Fuck, it was just insane! A zoo of species, living in the zone. They really couldn't do much with all these tails, eyes, and other parts of dead mutants. After they made several tests with whole mutants bodies - these tests also didn't make the "eggheads" any happier. Those freaks needed LIVE tissues, LIVE organs, needed to watch and register the behavior and reactions of ALIVE mutants! Their head scientist, professor Kiriani, most probably, have been dreaming about a nobel prize, for turning upside-down all biological paradigm.

FPS: Pfff! Looks like you are a former KGB agent. Where the hell did you get all this information?

BAR: Slow down, smart boy. ...well, OK. It's not a secret anymore. Once, Oak came to me himself, to trade a little, and told me about this proposal from scientists.

FPS: Oak?

BAR: Yep... that's how everybody called Petrovsky, for being so huge like a damn oak tree
(and also, for being so straight-forward minded, that sometimes it seemed that there is oak mass, instead of his brains)
He asked me, what I think about this matter.
We drink a little, and I told him, that mankind has already fucked nature once. The result of it - is the zone, we are at.
Together with scientists, he was going to fuck nature once again, and I wondered, WHAT result will be this time?

FPS: So, I guess, your philosophic advice was ignored? Right, Mr. guru?

BAR: Of course! If you just have seen Petrovsky and Kiriani by yourself... These idiots were worth each other!

FPS: So, what have they learned from that mutant zoo?

BAR: Well, this is the most dark part of the story. Oak laughed at my advice, and I know for sure - they have started collecting that zoo. I wish I knew, where that zoo is (or was) located, and what they have learned out from that zoo.
If I really was a KGB agent - I would have already found out where is that zoo, and why there's nobody in the zone, who knows where Petrovsky and Kiriani are now.

Oh... Forgot one more thing. Remember the museum of mutants on agroprom? No, that's definitely NOT THAT zoo.
But some say, the museum's keeper are telling not the whole truth about it. Don't ask me why - it's just a gossip.
To be honest - I think it is not serious, because museum is absolutely not connected with Petrovsky, Kiriani, or zoo. That sounds more like a scary story, than truth.
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby unclevinnie » Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:28 pm


FIRST PERSON, STALKER (FPS): I guess, I have helped you enough, maybe you can tell me something about Kiriani?

HEAD SCIENTIST PROF. (HSP): Well, young man, I can't deny your contribution to science. What you want to know?

FPS: Everything. First, tell me, how Kiriani planned to make an alive mutant zoo? It it real?

HSP: Ohhh... You know far more, than I have expected... Anyway - I already owe you much, so - please listen.
After Petrovsky has agreed - Kiriani needed 3 days only, to prepare two special liquids.
First one - Petrovsky should have been spraying on mutants, as much close to face, as it was possible.
In about 30 seconds after inhaling the vapors of this liquid, mutants felt into a semi-coma:
they couldn't make any movement at all, just felt on the ground like piece of jelly.
But they stayed in their mind, eyes remained open, all they could do is to moan a little, all the time.
Petrovsky tested that liquid on dogs and boars, and found out, that it works just perfectly!

FPS: You've been saying about 2 liquids, haven't you..?

HSP: Aaah, yes, young man! Not much people listen to me so attentively, as you do, indeed!
Second liquid must have been injected multiple times, in maximum 3 hours after using first liquid. Otherwise a mutant would die, and stay frozen forever. Kiriani did injections only personally, and only in a sterile lab.
If everything was done properly - the mutant turned out from semi-coma, but already in a strong Kevlar cage, inside our research bunker with cameras and recorders, nearby our main bunker for scientific personnel.

FPS: Insane method... Ok. What's up with the zoo?

HSP: It made no troubles for Oak to make that cute zoo in our research bunkers in about a week! Two Species were missing - bloodsucker, and pseudo-giant.
For giant, Petrovsky already found his lair, somewhere in half a mile from army warehouse, and took a whole laboratory bottle of "liquid 1", instead of regular 100 ml, which our standard sprayer volume is.
But what happened to him further - I don't know. But I'm sure - he was killed by pseudo-giant. I can't imagine, how he was going to spray so much freezer on him at once. Most likely, he just couldn't sprayed the enough amount, giant stayed alive, and killed him. No doubt.

Last time Petrovsky and Kiriani were seen here together, very optimistic, coming out from our bunker with that laboratory bottle. What I know, is that Petrovsky said to Kiriani something like "get your gadgets ready", and smiled, but I have no idea, what it means...

FPS: So, Kiriani didn't tell you about his part of that deal...

HSP: Excuse me? ... What part of deal?

FPS: No-no, nothing... It doesn't change anything. Better, tell be another thing. Some say, there's some connection between all that story, and the museum of mutants on agroprom, or some secret, which the museum keeper doesn't tell anyone?

HSP: I can see no connection at all, absolutely. That is just illogical. Moreover, I'm not interested in dead mutants at all.

FSP: Oh yes, I already understood that you like the alive ones much more.
So - nothing certain about Petrovsky, Kiriani, no interest to museum, and nothing about the zoo. Thank you for a very helpful info, doc!
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby unclevinnie » Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:30 pm

Well, these are parts 1 and 2, out of 4.
If you are interested, tell me, and I will post parts 3 and 4. If not - there's no sense to flood a topic.
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby shivam13 » Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:50 am

unclevinnie wrote:Well, these are parts 1 and 2, out of 4.
If you are interested, tell me, and I will post parts 3 and 4. If not - there's no sense to flood a topic.

nice story.....i'm interested for part 3 and 4....:)
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby drwhoever » Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:13 am

Interesting. Keep em' coming.
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby unclevinnie » Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:17 pm


FIRST PERSON, STALKER (FPS): Hi. You promised me a reward. Could it be info, instead of money? You'll save lot of cash.

DUTY FACTION LEADER (DFL): Not bad idea. But, it depends on what info You need. I heard - you are wondering about our former leader. If your question is concerning Colonel Petrovsky - forget it. This is a restricted information.

FPS: Are you serious? Some-why - I have a feeling, that you don't know for sure, where is the Colonel, where is Kiriani, where is the zoo, and what happened to them. Also, I doubt, that You know the whole story. In this case - WHAT is the secret, and WHICH information is restricted? Please, stop telling me about classified data.
My offer is still in force. So, do you want to save your money?

DFL: To be fair - you are right. No sense to continue hiding those fragments of information I have. I know really not much. So, I'm listening. Ask your questions.

FPS: Professor is 100% sure, that Your Colonel was killed by a pseudo-giant, somewhere around army warehouse. Is that right?

DFL: What??? Old man totally lost his mind... of course not! We just lost him near the scientific bunker, and never heard about him again! What is for pseudo-giant - Colonel couldn't have been killed by him! He even didn't fight him! This pseudo-giant was old and paralyzed, how could he kill our mighty Oak?

FPS: Old? Paralyzed? How much old and paralyzed giants you have seen around here? Have you seen it yourself?

DFL: Actually, I haven't... but I had no reason not to believe my commander. I don't know, what for he needed to get this giant to scientific bunker. Oak just set us a goal, to find a way to transport some old and totally paralyzed giant to the lab. We have been searching for some appropriate technique for 2 days, and afterwards, Colonel just took a shotgun, walkie-talkie, and headed to somewhere. Just ordered our group to stay in touch, if he needs us, and nothing more.

FPS: Didn't Oak tell you anything about the mutant zoo?

DFL: No. Our discipline also mean following the orders, instead of asking tons of questions.
Last time, as I said, we met near scientific bunker. Our group was sitting at the base, still thinking how to get damn giant to the lab.
Through our walkie-talkie, we heard Oak, growling something very loud and messy. All we could understand, is that we have to urgently blow the bunker's door out, and smoke professor Kiriani out of his hole alive. We reached the lab with full ammo and smoke grenades. I saw Oak standing nearby - all in blood, covering his wounds with band-aids. He just yelled as insane, to blow everything, but to get out Kiriani alive. Oh, and some-why, a dead bloodsucker laid down at his feet...

FPS: So, you got the professor?

DFL: Unfortunately. We tried everything - pkm's, grenades, even rpg didn't make that fucking door open, or even break it... I ran to Oak, to ask for his further command. But I couldn't find him. Nowhere. I ordered to stop fire, and even when all gun and grenade smoke was wiped out with the wind - we couldn't find him nowhere.
Oak just disappeared from bunker. And some-why - the bloodsucker's body, too.
Oak's walkie-talkie also didn't replied, never. Later we found it by its signal, in a swamp.

FPS: Haven't you tried to get professor later?? He definitely should know, what made your commander so angry!

DFL: Of course we did. But that smart-ass-bastard never went out from his bunker. We set 24/7 visual control of his bunker, just for case. All we have seen, is Kiriani went out just once, for less than a minute. He was collecting blood from the ground. It was Oak's blood - egghead took the probes exactly in that place, where Oak was standing last time, bleeding. I don't know for what. Probably - "just for case", also.

There's only one last thing I can tell you. While our group was planning giant's transportation to the lab - Petrovsky has been modifying his old flamethrower. He just thrown away the ignition lighter, and put some plastic container with some liquid, instead of fire tank. To be honest - it looked more like a huge water-pistol. But it was also above my competence, to ask him what he was doing.

FPS: Great. Maybe, you give and follow the orders perfectly, but if you learn to analyze, and see further than your nose - it will, probably, make you a better leader for your faction.
Your beloved commander, Petrovsky, was collecting a zoo for Kiriani, using the freezer liquid, which professor gave him. Giant was neither old, nor paralyzed. Giant was OK - but huge as fucking elephant, and needed a whole liter of liquid to be sprayed at his face very quickly. That's the reason why Oak rebuilt his flamethrower into a big water-pistol. He told nothing to you, because he didn't like to share the gadgets, promised by Kiriani.
Now, I need do know, where is the keeper of your mutant zoo, and who is he?

DFL: He was a loner, newbie. Oak saved his life, somewhere on cordon. Poor guy was attacked by a dozen of dogs, and if Oak didn't hear screams for help - the guy would have been torn and eaten by dogs. We don't like him much, really. He's the weakest, youngest, and strangest of us. Though, he became a duty member - we couldn't trust him (because we knew him only couple of days) and refused to let him sleep inside our building. Oak was confused, but quickly took a fair decision - he let the guy live in the small building (on which we keep the helicopter), next to ours one.

But, he's really strange! Next morning after we lost Oak - this stupid guy came to me, asking my permission for him to make a museum of dead mutants! He pissed me off, because we all were thinking only about how to find Oak! Why the hell he thought of museums at such hard period? Anyway, I kept my anger, and found the idea itself to be good. Such museum would have been a helpful psychological practice for our newcomers, in order to get used to see mutants, and stay cold-blooded in case of sudden mutant attack. He's gone somewhere, quite long ago. Not sure, if he's still alive.
But I can't see the reason, why you wonder with that guy? He has absolutely no connection with Petrovsky. They even didn't talk much to each other.

FPS: No connection, oh, really? Sorry, I forgot to ask for an opinion of a man, who believes in existence of old paralyzed pseudo-giants! There MUST be a connection! At least, is it strange, why the guy was thinking of some museum, instead of trying to find Oak, which saved his life? All I need now, is to find him, and shake out of him the end of true story. Bye, and think about what I said to you, about being a better leader... (to be continued)
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby unclevinnie » Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:07 pm


FIRST PERSON, STALKER (FPS): Hey, wait... I know You! You are a keeper of museum of mutants on agroprom, right?

MUTANT MUSEUM KEEPER (MMK): Maybe... or maybe not. You are not sure yourself. What do you want from me?

FPS: We need to talk. That is about colonel Petrovsky, professor Kiriani, their weird zoo, and your museum.

MMK: I remember you. You were in my museum. And I told you everything about it, as I tell everyone who is interested.

FPS: I know, what you tell to everyone. But I need another story from you now. The truly one. Stop playing with me!

MMK: Or what? You kill me?

FPS: P-fff... I've seen many people here, and and can see, who is afraid of death, and who takes it as an essential part of life. No, I won't. I spent a lot of time, trying to find out, how all parts coincide to each other, where's the sense, and where's the truth. I seriously doubt that you know ALL the truth. I know a lot, and I could share with you everything I know about that. Decide yourself, but I guess - we both will benefit in this case.

MMK: Zone made you a wise man... Mmm... what's your name, you say?

FPS: Never mind. Would you please come out of your astral, or are you smoking that shit, freedom's guys take from Kiev?

MMK: Sorry. I have never been talking to anyone about that painful matter. OK, I will try to recall everything. Listen.
As usual, duty guys were working out some heroic operation plan. That time - it was something about transporting a pseudo-giant to scientific lab. The trouble was about transportation, and all duty faction was planning, how to find some trolley, or working tractor, whatever, to quickly pull paralyzed giant from army warehouses to scientific bunker in 3 hours. Meanwhile, Oak didn't want to loose time, and went for bloodsucker hunt.
He have found sleeping bloodsucker right on the nearest swamp. Oak had a walkie-talkie, but decided not to call his group. The deal seemed to him to be easier, than to steal a baby's candy. When Oak saw sleeping squid - he actually saw a perfect chance to show his faction, what a real master he was. He could never keep his proud under control... idiot...

FPS: Closer to the sense, please.

MMK: OK. Petrovsky has sprayed that stinky liquid, right on sleeping bloodsucker's tentacles.
In 30 seconds, it would have been laying down, moaning, and looking at Oak with puppy's eyes. That's what Oak thought. The bloodsucker was not mature yet, but had a perfect reaction and speed.
Growling terribly, he ran to Petrovsky, fast as hell. Oak's shotgun would have turned bloodsucker's head into a meat firework, but Oak needed him alive. "Professionals don't spoil the skin", as he was used to say... He tried to smash the bloodsucker's head with the brick, but young and totally insane squid catched him faster. Petrovsky was caught by squid not for the first time. But this time, a millisecond was enough to him, to realize the fatal mistake he did - he felt the deadly vapors, streaming up from bloodsucker's head. He couldn't neither do anything to stop inhaling it, as he yelled from pain, nor he could know, what to do with his open wounds - his blood didn't stop, only making aid bandages more and more wet.
The bloodsucker have already been laying, even not making any noise. "Better or worse, but it's done!" thought Petrovsky, and pulled bloodsucker to scientists. Best of all - it was just about 500 meters, to reach the bunker, give Kiriani the squid, and receive urgent medical help. He has inhaled just a little, but a check was needed anyway.

Oak quickly reached the bunker, and called Kiriani via bunker's intercom on the door. Kiriani headed to exit, in order to come with Oak and frozen bloodsucker to research lab, as usual. But suddenly, Kiriani has stopped, and asked -"You're bleeding! Where are these wounds from?". -"Fucking squid bite me. Open up!", Oak said.
-"Squid bite you after inhaling the vapors?? I need to take your blood tests for analysis urgently! I didn't planned the liquid contacting with human organism. It may be very... no, extremely interesting!". The door remained closed.
-"Interesting?? Interesting? You, fuck!! I'm even not sure, if I'm dying, freezing, or what. And you call it INTERESTING, sick shit?". -"I need you to calm down, said Kiriani, calm down!!".

But Oak has already perfectly understood, that Kiriani would rather sacrifice him for opening new scientific horizons, than to give him a proper help and care. Then, via walkie-talkie, Oak immediately called EVERYBODY from duty camp, to take the hardest weapons, and blow damn bunker's door, and get Kiriani outside alive.
He used to solve questions with brute force. But this time it didn't work. Bunker turned out to be an ultimate fortress. When Oak realized, that duty has no way to get professor out, he understood that he can't tell to duty, what has happened. They would got scared of total duty camp's contamination, and will definitely shoot him, as a mad dog.
That's why, he took his frozen bloodsucker, and disappeared, until anyone could realize anything. And thrown his walkie-talkie in a swamp, until he was found by duty via its signal.

FPS: Wait, give me a second... Where did you know everything in such details?

MMK: Ohhh... It wasn't me. It was Oak. He told me all this story by himself.
Probably, you know already, that duty didn't trust me well, and didn't let me stay for a night at their building. Therefore, I was sleeping in my place, nearby. I woke up from being catched, by someone very strong, who shut my mouth with his hand. I couldn't even move, or cry for help, but heard just a whisper: "Calm down, it's me. Just stay quiet".
It was him. Oak. We didn't turn the light, not to be seen. We were sitting in absolute darkness, and Oak has been whispering to me all this sick story. He had absolutely nowhere to go, and nobody to ask for help. Anyone's first reaction would be just to shoot his head off immediately.
I was his last, and the only chance. He saved my life sometime, and it was my turn to save his one. But I had no idea, what to do. I just gave him my mattress, and felt asleep on the floor.

At the morning, I got brilliant idea. Before I came to the zone - I was a paramedic, and also was earning a little by taxidermist services. So, I came to commander, who was temporarily in charge, while Oak was lost for them. I offered him to make a mutants museum, for training the newbies' nerves. After he agreed - I ran to our checkpoint, and took two dead dogs to my place. I've butchered them a little, and in 3 hours it began to stink so much, that nobody would come inside, or even close to my place. That was great for me, and for Oak especially. I could have been hiding him, and could have been trying to find some cure.

(the ending will follow)
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby shivam13 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:15 am

@ unclevinnie : you've got amazing skills :D .........awesome story 8) ..........waiting for ending....:)
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby unclevinnie » Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:04 am

shivam13, thank you very much! It's coming.
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby unclevinnie » Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:21 am


FPS: Just unbelievable, man. Damn... I couldn't even imagine such mess was going on... So, but you were a paramedic - not a scientist! Could you cure him by yourself?

MMK: You're right. I couldn't. All I could do, is only to take some basic care of him. He slept all day long (dead dogs' stink didn't let anyone to come close to my place, and suddenly find him). At night - I was giving him standard medicines, and changing his band-aids 3 times each night. I took the examples of tissues and blood from frozen bloodsucker, and Oak's blood tests, too. I kept my hope, that at least one medic in the zone could find out, how to help. But nobody even tried. After they saw blood tests - they looked at me with insane eyes, asking whose blood was that. Of course, I didn't tell. Each medic was so afraid even to touch these tissues and blood samples, that I couldn't expected any help, or especially cure from them.

From day to day, Oak got only worse and worse. My care didn't help him, though, I've tried all kinds of medicines I knew.
I haven't found any medic, capable to help, neither. Basically - Oak seemed not so bad, but all his skin became dark-gray, like ground near my place. Also, his fingers began seem to me to get longer, and his face got a bit taller. First time, I thought he was just loosing weight and getting skinny from malnutrition. But after a week of treatment, Oak suddenly asked me to get a mirror for him. He has already lost all his hair, and eyes felt deeper inside the skull, I really didn't want him to see himself... but he insisted. After he has been looking at himself for about a minute, he proved all my worst thoughts, which I was constantly trying to get off from my head. - "I wonder, how soon I will have the tentacles...", he said quietly, but absolutely calm.

We both understood, that some mutation has started, and both didn't knew, will it continue or not. But we had no time to wait and see it - our last chance was only Kiriani. Kiriani most likely would slice him into million of small pieces, for his sick experiments, so we couldn't risk so much, by just going into his lab. So - Oak wrote a plan for me.
He told me where to find his modified flamethrower with freezing liquid. I brought it from army warehouses - it was still full and working. All we needed, was only the element of surprise - so that Kiriani would go out of his lab, before he would even understood anything. And again Oak proved, that he was a perfect operation planner.

At 3:00 am, we already were near the bunker. Oak stayed aside in the bushes, not to be seen by Kiriani. I have pulled, and dropped a big black bag near the door, and pushed the intercom button.
-"I'm listening to you, young man" - Kiriani's awakened voice replied.
-"See this bag? It's Oak. He has mutated and died, slowly and extremely painfully. Look what you've done to him, dickhead". I went a little far from the bunker, and added: "He stinks all over our duty camp. We don't know what to do. Take care of his body yourself. Now - it's your problem", and went away.
Actually - I've just hidden behind the bunker, and I could see one of the cameras on it. But, according to Oak's plan - professor should have become so excited with a chance to get Oak's mutated body - that he would forget about everything, and will come out of the lab without any camera checks. And it worked! Right, as it was planned!!!

As soon as he heard my voice going away - he immediately jumped out of his rat hole, and looked into a bag. And have seen what he expected. In fact - we put that frozen bloodsucker there, but how could he know, if it was mutated Oak, or just some another bloodsucker? So, when he started trying to push the bag with 80-kg squid body into the door -
I ran from behind of bunker, blocked the door with my leg, and pointed the flamethrower at Kiriani. "Freezer liquid", I said only. That was enough to him, to get scared enough to shit bricks. It seemed, that he was afraid of his own liquid much more, than of any shotgun. Meanwhile, Oak was already running to us. When Kiriani saw "new" Oak - he got scared triple times more.
We took a bag with frozen bloodsucker, and all Kiriani's materials and instruments, and spent about 20 sleepless hours in his research lab. All this time, I've been pointing the freezer at his head, and he was making tests, taking probes, watching reactions on different materials, and so on, and so on.

FPS: You will amaze me, if you will say, that Kiriani found a cure?

MMK: Your intuition is not bad. After all fruitless attempts - Kiriani looked at me with absolutely empty eyes. -"I'm sorry, gentlemen. But there's nothing I can tell".
Oak seemed to have heard nothing unexpected. -"So, after 20 hours of analysis, you can't even tell, will I die, or finally turn into a bloodsucker?" He told it, like he was joking.
-"Sorry. This is not only a matter of my liquid. The mutation was caused much more by squid's neuro-toxins, combined with liquid vapors, and all this cocktail was injected into Oak's blood. But to find a cure - requires months of experiments with several alive bloodsuckers, and nevertheless - I can't guarantee success. That is really all I can say. Now, you will freeze me, with my own liquid I've created. Well, I guess - that's exactly what I deserve". Kiriani said nothing more, and just been waiting, and looking at me.
-"We are leaving. Move out" - Oak said to me suddenly, and took a flamethrower out of my hands. Professor just remained sitting near operation table. His last, very quiet words we heard, leaving the bunker - was something like "Never... Never again...". Since that time, Kiriani just walked away from the lab, and nobody seen him anymore.

FPS: That means, your last hope was lost... And Oak just let Kiriani live?

MMK: Yes. It was Oak's decision, not mine. We just silently returned back to my stinky place, through the hole in the fence around duty camp. Oak wasn't talking about Kiriani any more. I would say... he was not talking at all. He just laid on his dirty mattress, staring up into the ceiling above his head. That torture continued about a week more. Now it was extremely hard to distinguish him from any other bloodsucker. I'm not sure, If he still could speak - because he was saying absolutely nothing, just breathing quietly.
One day, after sudden mutants attack on our camp - I was totally exhausted, so I even don't remember, how I felt down asleep. I woke up next night only, starving. I thought, Oak also was deadly hungry. I took some bread, opened a conserve tin, and called him quietly. He didn't even turn his face to me. Then, I slightly pulled him by his shoulder, and everything inside me just died in a second. He was cold. Cold and rigid, like a god damn stone. How?? Why?? I couldn't find a place for myself.
I was shocked so much, that only after 10 minutes has passed, I've noticed in the darkness his flamethrower behind him. I also found an empty plastic container for freeze liquid. It was torn off from the flamethrower. I think, Oak was afraid to freeze me also, if he had sprayed it inside the room. And so - he simply drunk it all at once.

FPS: Oh, my God... I believe, he have suffered enough, to continue the tortures. Poor man...

MMK: It's interesting, when you saw me earlier, at my museum - have you at least noticed, that something was wrong in my "Madam Tussaud's show"? There's no pseudo-giant, but now you can already understand, why. But have you at least noticed, that there is TWO bloodsuckers? One is a bit smaller, and another - a really big one?
Some-why, I'm almost sure, that you even didn't noticed that; or just didn't care about it, at all. Right?

FPS: Damn, you're right! a-a... Stop, you mean that... second, big one is... Oak!? Colonel Petrovsky?!

MMK: Yes. Himself.
When Oak died, I have been drinking for two days, without any measure. I've fueled myself with vodka "up to the lid", I was absolutely destroyed. Third day's morning, I woke up with such hangover, that I thought it would be perfect, if I just died right now, too... But, after couple of hours, some cigarettes, and strong tea, I decided to finish my mutant museum. As a final honor to my beloved friend Oak.
I kept the key from research labs, which I took from Kiriani. I came to the bunkers, but didn't find Kiriani anywhere. I didn't care. I've unlocked the research labs, and made fatal injections to all mutants I found there. One by one, I took them all to my museum.
Last one I needed to do, was to take care about my friend. At night, I took Oak, throughly washed his body, and worked with it a little, as much careful, as I only could. I put his body on a wooden box (in which, by the way, you can find that broken flamethrower). His exo was totally ripped, so I just burnt it, and thrown away the remained metal parts.
I already wanted to burn also that frozen bloodsucker, which started all these insane troubles. But later, something just switched in my head - and I decided to put him right opposite to Oak.
So, that's how they were standing all that time, staring at each other with their forever frozen eyes.

FPS: I see. That's where all that weird zoo is now... in your museum, but dead already. But why you say "were" standing? Aren't they still standing in there?

MMK: Actually, I can't tell for sure. I left duty forever, and not going to come back. I'm going to far borders, to come out from the zone forever. I didn't say it to anyone from duty, but I think, they already understood that I won't come back, regardless of am I dead, or not. Maybe they have already thrown all museum away.
Or maybe - they will find a new keeper to it, because it's helpful for newbies' training. I don't know, what they will decide.

FPS: Why you decided to leave the zone? You spent here so much time, what happened?

MMK: Do you know that ascetic stalker on agroprom, who was living underground, in some kind of sewer, telling philosophic things about zone, and trading with some upgraded weapons and special med-kits? I heard about him just recently, and went to see myself, who is he, and what he's trading with.
When I got underground, and came closer to him, he told me in his mystic manner: "What made you come to me, stalker?". He didn't recognize me. But I did! He's changed, but I still could recognize him!
"-Kiriani?! What the fuck YOU doing here?!", I whispered amazed, moving one hand closer to my pistol.
-"Keeper! Oak... Never... Never again... Never again..." - he continued repeating quietly, like a zombie, again and again.

You know - I just left. Finally - I've understood, why Oak didn't kill Kiriani in the bunker, and didn't let ME do it, also.
I saw Kiriani as old and absolutely broken, though he has changed his place, name, and occupation. Nothing helped him. He realized everything he done. His mistake - was a disaster, still tearing his soul apart, every night and day.
That was the first time, when I felt some pity to this man. I don't know if he's still living there, but I won't check that.
After that, I decided to forget all this story forever. Maybe I'll find some quiet monastery for myself. I'm going out.

FPS: Alright. Now, I know the true story all. But still, I need to do one thing. I must find Oak's body, and bury him with all honors. I'll dig a decent grave for him, of course - without any marks, showing who's laying down in it.
I'm afraid, if any scientists will ever know the true story of Oak - they will do everything to get his exhausted body, and tear it apart for experiments. I can't leave them a chance. Bye now, my friend!

MMK: WAIT! Please, wait a minute. I appreciate your care about Oak so much. Now, I owe you, too. Please, take this.
This is my diary, in which I have been writing down everything about how I took care of Oak, and carefully wrote down all changes in his appearance, during his mutation.
And this is a photo of Oak. Please, keep it.
The last - this is the message, he wrote me on a piece of paper, that night before he died. What he wrote there - is one his favorite phrases.

FPS: Thank you, my friend. I'll keep that secret, together with your diary, and Oak's photo. Let me see, what he wrote you in his last message...


Don't fuck with the zone?.. You know... I think, he was right, man. Da-aamn right!
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby shivam13 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:28 pm

@ unclevinnie: man, i dont have words for of the best story i've ever read in long time.....amazing... :D
btw i surprised by mutation of oak. :shock: ......awesome, i wish we could see same thing in game..... 8)
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby unclevinnie » Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:38 pm

Thank you again. I really appreciate your reply, and very happy, that you liked it (especially, regardless of amount of text) :wink:
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