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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby DokoMaster » Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:37 pm

Short story 1
"So, I found this dead body which was marked on the map. Mostly burned so bad that some of his bones were splintered.
Side of his head had a burn mark, palm shaped hole... I could clearly see finger marks. There was nothing left of his clothes
and belt buckle had melted. Next to him was two footprints where sand had turned into glass. The heat must have been really high...The artifact I and my team was supposed to get was gone, so we got back empty handed. Fucking bullshit!"

Short story 2
"Have you heard the story about "Burning Man"? Drunk stalker usually tell tales like its a dragon guarding lair of gold ha!
anyway...I saw this videotape once. There was this humanoid, bright as sun! made chink of light and lighting. Hot air danced around it. I wonder is it just an anomaly which took human shape, or a poor soul mutated by the zone... It was chasing some poor stalker, second later that unlucky stalker torched into ball of fire. Dude with the camera got away and sold the tape for scientists."

Short story 3

- coming right up
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby Mudhut » Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:36 am

First post! :D

I'll give it a shot (rather long though):

At the newbie village you come across a curious looking STALKER laying on the ground (never standing), and he says when you go to speak to him:

"I used to be an adventurer like you once: a gleam in my eye, fire in my belly, ready to head nowhere but north. That was many a year ago, head strong so I was. But as I headed towards the garbage, further away from the comparative stability and safety of my fellow newbies back at camp, something started nagging at me, eating away at me from the back of my mind. The screams, the God damn screams. I remembered that one night when a young lad came running into camp, pupils as sharp as a needle's point, the sweat pouring out of him, which was not surprising with all that junk he was carrying on his back: rusty old relics slung over each shoulder and a bag ripping from God knows what trash he found up in the Garbage. All he kept saying was "Dimon! god dammit, Dimon..he..they fucking got Dimon!" He just lay there on his knees, wailing like a fucking girl. The boss took him aside and one of the boys gave him some vodka to calm the poor bastard down, he drank the whole fucking bottle. So it turns out he and his brother, whose name we've all been well acquainted with at this stage as he sat there sobbing and mumbling "Dimon" in between incessantly, were coming back from a successful raid in the Garbage but it was dark by the time they got passed the checkpoint...they were followed by some kind of pug-nosed dogs by his description. This poor bastard, who never quite gave us his name to my recollection and he wasn't from our camp according to the boys, had no ammo left after dealing with those bastard bandits so his brother Dimon gave him all the loot and told him to get down to our camp as fast as he fucking could, he would deal with the mutants. And so he did. It was too dark to risk going out to help the guy, we promised Poor Bastard that we'd look for him in the morning, we convinced him that he must've found somewhere to hide out...that night we were woken up by the most wretched, painful screams. It was like nothing you've ever fucking heard, it sounded like his fucking guts were being torn out of him alive...and it went on for what I thought were hours. He knew it was Dimon, we knew it was Dimon...but there was nothing we could fucking do! understand!? God dammit we wanted to, but what fucking sense is there getting more people killed for some loner we would have never heard of it wasn't for this babbling idiot!

Player says: "Go on" or something to that effect.

We found the poor bastard dead the next day, a pistol in his hand...we didn't even bother looking for what remained of his brother. We split the loot, made me feel fucking sick and ashamed of myself and this wretched place. But we got over it pretty damn quick: rumours of the treasure troves of artefacts to be found up north helped us to quickly forget. I was bored doing shitty-ass jobs for that bastard trader. I owed him money and ended up playing delivery boy for that fat bastard who was too damn afraid to step out of his precious bunker. I NEEDED to leave, I needed to get as much dough as possible and get out of this boring place, see the zone, be free and discover myself or some flowery crap like that, man I should've joined those hippies at Freedom sounding like that. The dough led me north, but things didn't work out as planned. Me and another newbie decided to head to the Garbage, Dimon and his bro seemed to get some decent loot up there. First we had to bribe some asshole sergeant at the bridge checkpoint, 500 God damn RU to get passed. A little pissed off to say the least, we started walking through...that's when the memory of those bloody screams hit me like a God damn Electro, hairs standing up on my radiation-proofed arms and my bag-laden back, it stopped me dead in my tracks, my heart suddenly began racing and all I wanted to do was run back to camp screaming for mummy. Little did we know, that asshole Army guy decided to employ a "I'll-pretend-I-didn't-see-you-walk-passed-me-but-if-I-turn-around-in-five-seconds-and-see-your-slow-ass-I'll-shoot-you-for-trespassing-and-looting" policy. I hear a crack and something whizzing through the air, my buddy in front of me has a bit of his brains just head of his bloodied skull laying on the ground. Me? I took a bullet in the knee. Not to ruin the good little business he had running, the sarge took all our equipment (guns, ammo, food, everything but our God damn suits!) and left me and my dead buddy near the bandit scum's camp, make it look like they killed us. I guess they didn't kill me right there because they expected me to bleed out, not to waste a bullet on some looser like me or something, and I would've if it wasn't for this random loner who came out of the fucking grey! The way he walked made him look all twisted, a bad limp too. He took out one of his medkits and starts to patch me up right there! He didn't say a word and I remained silent, dumbstruck and staring at him blankly like an idiot. I managed to get back to camp after that, but he didn't come with me. Never got his name, never did see him again either. I guess he must've gone north...

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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby Mudhut » Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:44 am

BTW, I might add additional dialogue options to the previous NPC, if anyone thinks I should :) (please offer constructive criticism, have to do such a story for English in my final state exams)
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby r733 » Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:34 pm

Exit from the Machine town

He was approaching the border. Fence made from barbed wire was already visible. About 30 km to the nearest road but patrols are rare here. So far from the heart of zone and jet he heard rumors about soldiers disappearing here without trace. He thought that maybe zone rejected them like an organism rejects foreign object. Or maybe they rejected reality that was forced to them and escaped to the zone, just like he does?

He stopped for a moment and turned back. There was no visible buildings anymore, just trees waving gently in wind. He was looking back at the his past and tried to find reason to keep what he knew, what they had to offer. Ironic grin stretched his face. There was none. Colony of ants. Insects that wish to be nothing more but greater insects. He couldn’t see them, but he felt their stench coming from them, behind the horizon. Stench of factories, noisy streets. Stench of burned gunpowder and oil. Always the same, growl of wolfs and sheep’s screams. They call it progress. He called it circle. Why do they bother to learn history if they repeat the same pattern? Constant chaos suppressed by illusion of order and peace. There will be no peace where is will for control. He knew that.

But what was the primary source of whish to control? Fear or ego? Did ego fed fear until it became addiction? Or maybe some genetic mutation distorted natural survival mechanism? He thought for a second that he insulted ants by comparing them to human civilization. After all ants are guided by instinct, without possibility of choice. Humans have awareness that offers free will, yet their seem to be completely absorbed by the animalistic pattern of competition. How long it would take ants to destroy the planet if they had atomic energy?

They feed on each other. He preferred to fed from himself. They always look outside for answers, for salvation. That’s they mistake. It’s their inside that’s creating the outside. That’s why they can’t predict. That’s why they can’t maintain control. They are not meant to be controlled. They will learn or they’ll implode on the weight of their own belief systems.

He took rifle from his shoulder. He read somewhere that guns from AK family killed more people in the world than any other weapon. Religions killed millions more, why they don’t consider psychological warfare as a weapon?

He throw rifle on moist grass. He won’t need it inside. Otherwise he wouldn’t come here.

He pulled out small wire cutter and approached the fence. “They fenced it so no one can escape their prison. Now they don’t even care any more. Perhaps the prison is overcrowded.”

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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby KazakHD5770 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:53 pm

Miniature rainbow (Build 3. Double edited edition :D (Fixed bugs (and crashes, LOL), added explanations and other stuff))

Code: Select all
It was in spring of 2011. It was not looking like normal spring out of Zone, but more alive than usaully. New grass was not affected by blowouts and other deadly stuff.

I had  Cordon->Garbage->Bar journey (on arrival to Zone). There was high anomaly activity on north of Garbage and I decided to move eastern... I made approx route somewhere between Dark Valley and north of Garbage.

It was about 9:30 AM. I climbed hill and looked down to landscape. There were little hills of junk and interesting shining. I used binoculars for a closer look. Shining was really nice and I thought it may be something interesting and probably it can make me rich, as a unique artifact, you know. I came closer and shining became wider (2-3 meters). It became more beautiful and deployed into small rainbow. It was really beautiful and touched ground, but I was careful and used bolts to check my way to it.

I came to distance of about 10 meters and understood there is no artifact. It's just rainbow... without rain and just in few meters of me. I came closer and even tried to touch it... Kind of kids' dream. It was like hologram, so my arm just passed through it.

Rainbow's colours were smoothly flowing from one varitation to another. I sat down on my backpack close to rainbow and looked at it. Even took a photo...

Soon I fell from backpack to my left, noticed I’m thirsty... and heavy rain was going and darkness in 20 meters around me. And in lighting light I saw a corpse on ground just in one meter of me...
Stalker with dried face, looking like mummy. And drops of water were breaking his skin on face and uncovering bones...
I was scared as never and tried to run, tried to find backpack and my look caught "rainbow". It changed and was looking like black hole, but in center of it was something like red controller's skull.

With cat eyes and large sharp teeth in jaw...That thing was smiling to me like devil when is grabbing my soul. I shited pants and ran away and forgot my backpack. After 100 meters of sprint in junk I noticed I am very thirsty... I feel and drunk some dirt radioactive water from puddle... looked at sky - it was pitch black and time was 22:41...

I learned three lessons:

1. Don't be stupid and if you see something strange and unusual - don't come close and stay away of it.
2. Don't drink irradiated water... else your stuff between legs will never stick up. And I'm totally bald since drinked from puddle and have other serious problems.
3. And life without stuff between legs is better than death.

By the way there was not rainbow on photo i took. Seems like it was a psy anomaly.
Also that rainbow took all my attention to it and i did not saw corpse - with real rainbow same thing won't happen.

People say local psy anomalies with different effect may appear in place controller died in. It explains why I saw controller's skull.
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby basist » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:59 am

r733 and KazakHD5770, good stories! But try to work more on it's English-ness :) I can pm you some of the things I've noticed if you want.
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby KazakHD5770 » Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:43 pm

One more story... Less "I" and more action by others.
Checked by Microsoft Word :D

Code: Select all
It was a funny story.

In morning I left rookies camp in village and moved deeper in Zone to get some artifacts. Just one common day of stalker’s life.

In middle of day I found some common artifacts at abandoned farm in middle of nowhere. Really, it was unpopular place to search for artifacts, but I knew it was good place: no bandits, no dangerous mutants - quiet and peaceful.

I decided to move to Bar because there I was able to sell artifacts at a good price and have some fun with nice people.
Just in one hour I was half way to Bar, and then I found artifact. Really nice shining ball, without radioactivity. Unknown and interesting. I was so happy and moved faster.
I came to top of hill - sunset was behind my back and in front of me from right to left located road to Bar.

With sunset on my background I was a nice target to shot and I heard gunfire from road and few tracers flew to me. Fortunately, distance was long and all bullets missed.

I rushed back to sunset, then fell at hill slope and went downhill. Under slope I rose and moved to the west. Quickly chasing sunset and throwing bolts to my way I have not looked around because bad guys were probably chasing me.

And soon I heard boar's growl behind my back and ran as fast as possible. Tried to pick my shotgun to hands, but lost it and shotgun fell on ground. Angry boar kept following me.
Began to tire and running slower I looked behind my back - large beast was just in few meters of me. Boar was not tired at all and was quickly decreases the distance.
I took pistol out of holster and fired all 8 rounds into boar's head... He just growled louder and ran even faster.

I ran as quick as I can and reloaded pistol on move, fired 8 rounds to boar's head again. Now it slowed down a bit. But I was so tired, my lungs were dried, but I kept my marathon. Few more times I repeated shoot-run-reload action and boar slowed down very much... Just as me. Situation was looking like creatures with disabilities playing catch-up and it was boar's turn.

I was just walking and breathed heavily. Boar behind my back was limping and snuffed his nose blowing bloody bubbles. I loaded pistol and fell on my back and pointed pistol to boar's head. When boar was close enough I just fired his mouth. With full mouth of lead beast finally calmed down forever and fell on me.

I lied under boar's body until restored normal breath, then crawled out from boar and rose.
Sun was behind horizon already and last sun rays lighted clouds on west.

I was at middle of nowhere, in place I never was before - absolutely abandoned part of zone.
To find out where I am I turned on PDA, but it was crushed by boar's hoof when boar fell on me. PDA probably saved my life coz it was on my stomach, but now it was totally not required in its condition.
I just pulled out memory card from PDA - some info still there.

Night is not good time to spend in Zone out of camp. I needed shelter... So, I moved directly where Bar should be - to North-East. During walk I found old stalker's corpse. Novice with jacket and sawed off shotgun. With same caliber as my shotgun ammo is. Really nice found. I took shotgun and ammo and moved further.

Later i found a village. I knew some badass things can be in, but I needed night shelter. Attic of house would be nice.

Village was looking quite and totally abandoned. I approached and crossed broken fences then I saw distorted air... Bloodsuckers I thought and rushed away from distorted air without seeing the road. And I crashed into zombie. Old zombie without weapons smelling like hell fell on ground and groaned... I heard other groans from all parts of the village and was so scared... I've fired zombie's head with shotgun and climbed house without slate on roof. Attic will be nice place to defend. Soon zombies approached house and I started shooting... I've had some ammo and zombies were coming not so often. I've killed about ten zombies in first hour, and 2-3 zombies per hour until morning. That was the worst night I ever had - no sleep, shooting zombies at moon light and with only one thought:"When will this over? »

On sunrise first sun rays showed pile of corpses and then heard sound of approaching helicopter. It was not good... I climbed down from house and heli flew over me on high speed. I ran away from village and at exit I stumbled upon group of people in chemical protection suits.

"Ecologists! Thanks God! They can cancel helicopter attack!" I thought... But when one of guys in suit turned head to me... I saw that guy has rotten face... He groaned and other four zombies turned to me and directed to me their rifles. I rushed away into center of village. Then controller went from behind the house...

It was my first meet with controller. I was scared as never. He was looking just like on photos I saw in PDA's encyclopedia. Controller pointed to me with his finger... But then nothing happened. I was not zombied by him.

Controller was looking very disappointed and amazed in same time. We froze for few seconds... And then heli went to the second round. Few first machinegun bullets hate ground behind controller and few next bullets just blowed controller to pieces... I was on same line of fire and bullets were hitting ground closer and closer to me. I jumped into well - fortunately it was close and It was full of junk so I did not fell to the bottom. Then I heard rocket fire sound and explosion...

Heli sound became quieter and soon disappeared at all. I was in shock... After a couple of minutes in relaxation pose of "fell in junk head down" I got out of the well.

Nice morning and... Smell of rooted flesh. I moved back to place I met "ecologists" in. It was center of rocket explosion. I found miraculously survived ecolog's PDA, but on screen of PDA was inscription "emergency data erasing 87%". And percentages were growing up.

Seems like ecologists were zombied by controller and moved away from planned route. But in ecologists PDA's has secret info. And when military heli found zombied ecologists there was no question what to do - just destroy...
When PDA was formatted it turned off and was dead - even wireframe was erased. All data was erased. There was no place to pull memory card in - totally monolithic device.

I sat on haunches in huge disappointment right in crater... After a quick analysis I decided to throw unknown artifact away - it's making too much action on the brink of life and death. With it I was An incredibly unfortunate and incredibly lucky. Also artifact protected me of controller. But It was not my life style I want to live in. But what about bloodsuckers? I looked around - there was heat anomaly... From distance it's looking just like bloodsucker in stealth mode.

I thrown artifact into well and moved to north-east. Soon get to Bar without any adventures and drank some vodka on money I get by selling common artifacts.
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby KazakHD5770 » Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:33 pm

I was writing my own stalker book in my PPC few years ago, but book was stupid (as me when I was writing it) and I deleted it when became klever enought to understand my book is stupid :D

But there was one interesting chapter. I still remember it. Here is remake. (Checked by Microsoft Word)

Code: Select all
One day I was walking around Garbage, trying to find some stuff to sell - not only artifacts, car parts are important in Zone. During exploration of cars I was wondering why is Garbage so empty? Usually some fleshes or boars roam in junk, but today it was to empty.... I steeled some UAZ starters and moved to trader as fast as possible - unpleasant thoughts filled my mind about empty Garbage...

I was just walking on road when some rats just leaked from hill of junk. Leaked like oil from large pierced tank. All ground was covered by rats and those were approaching me very fast. I needed to find cover - concrete bus station was looking promising, so I climbed on bus station's roof. After couple of seconds rats already reached bus station. I thought I'm safe on roof, but the largest rats were climbing on roof! I was shooting with my SMG at climbing rats. At same time more and more rats were coming to bus station. I killed about twenty climbing rats and no new rats were climbing - seems like those were the strongest. But ground under bus station was covered by alive carpet of rats. Rats kept filling space around bus station. Sometimes some large rats were coming and climbing to roof, but I was killing them easily.

Soon rats started moving in one direction around the bus station. It was looking like rotating galaxy or water in whirlpool. I knew I should not shot rats because it's just wasting of ammo. When amount of rats finished growing round of rats was about 3 meters in radius. I sat and lit a cigarette... "I have two grenades! It’s time to have some fun!" I thought. But when I dropped grenade under roof all rats just ran away and were not damaged.

I fired one mag of bullets with SMG into river of rats. About twenty dead rats just disappeared in few seconds – rats ate dead comrades.

I needed plan to escape. After check of contents of my backpack I decided to make "tasty grenade" because I had some sausages. I just putted grenade into packet with sausages, pulled out grenade's pin and dropped "surprise" under roof. Rats rushed to grenade. And when grenade exploded mass of rats flew to road. Grenade killed most part of rats. Other rats just quickly ate dead comrades and ran away.

That was the weirdest thing I ever saw.

After that I did not wanted to climb down for few minutes, but everything was looking fine and I decided to move. Without any other uncommon situations I reached trader. That’s the story.

Dez(owave), what do you think if I will remake all stories I posted up there to game format? I mean, make tags and with strings ready to put in .xml files.

For example
Code: Select all
   <string id="fan_story_storyname">
      <text>Intro words. \n Story started... \n Other stuff happend...</text>

To people who are not in theme: "\n " tag making separated paragraph :)
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby dez » Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:53 am

stories are always welcomed, but to tell the truth, we havent even added the ones from the old gameinator competition, we were flooded with so many stories, that we simply put it off :) later when the story is finished, we will re-check these, and those stories as well.
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby WestNorthern » Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:50 pm

The story of Stalker, who sat by the fire in the stalker`s camp. Listen to the story that can start with a dialogue by him:

It happened recently. After the last blowout was flooded with water almost all the passages to the South Marshes, then now it`s impossible to get there. Where is the only safe passage - can`t tell, I don`t know.
So, quite recently one Stalker had lucky to return from Marshes, and he told that he had seen. The relief of the Marshes has changed, areas, where previously the bottom of depth reached more than two meters, shallow, and now it`s possible to walk safely, even without fear to soak you boots.
And those places were was stalker trail`s, was flooded completely. But that`s what. In the middle of the swamp there was a large hole in the ground, into which water drains. Where the water goes, it is not known, probably, somewhere deep inside.
Strange things are happening in the Zone, brother. It is very strange.
Like The Zone is angry at us, protect itself away from stalker, as can.
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby KazakHD5770 » Fri May 25, 2012 4:09 pm

This story is based on my old dream.
Code: Select all
That was my second walk into Zone, or third perimeter crossing...
I found my stash in forest which was not damaged by Zone's emissions - just about 500 meters to barbed line. In stash I took old "Makarov", cutters and other useful stuff. It's better to hold equipment close to Zone. Holding "stalker's set" at home is pretty dangerous, especially if you live in 50 kilometers to Zone.
Crossing fences was pretty easy - with heavy sharp cutters I done my job less than in minute. But there was be one more obstacle to cross. Just in hundred meters was military check point. It's easier to cross fences close to the check point because of two reasons.
First: there is less technical protection (no mines, signalization and other stuff). Probably military authorities don't want to spend some money on place, which is well protected by solders... But solders do their duty not so good and only work as they should when authorities coming for revision. Nothing can cross fences during revision. Of course authorities are amused by level of protection and keep things as those are.
I took fifteen meters right from check point - big spring with lots of reeds is a good cover. Also that spring goes right under fences.
Second reason to cross fences close to the checkpoint: stalkers pay money to major on the check point for safe entrance. If money was paid and "contract" is active, spring is safe route and then there is rusty barrel - mark which means that there are no solders which guards spring.

Today there was not the barrel and it was bad news for me. I watched in binoculars at the check point: it was looking pretty abandoned. No even sounds of anti-stalker propaganda for twenty minutes.. Propaganda plays every 15 minutes usually. Something was wrong with the checkpoint.

After half hour I decided to cross fences. I moved to spring, reached it and went along right to fences. When I was just in ten meters to fences I saw corpse dead solder left to me - ruptured by Chernobyl dogs. I took solders 9mm pistol and decided to go inside the check point to find equipment. Don't know was that wrong decision or not, but when I came to barracks some dogs howled around and ran from all buildings around to me. I ran back to spring, but pretty big group of dogs blocked my way. I shouted pistol mag in hope to harm all of those dogs, but one of them still totally unharmed and 4 other still dangerous.

Dogs almost surrounded me and I moved to old liquid tank in hope to climb on it, but it was too difficult to climb on tank’s stand. Dogs surrounded me - only way I was not surrounded - that large tank. The dogs were stepping to me slowly, like wolfs moving on victim in deadlock. I fired all 12 rounds in closest dogs from solder's pistol. Few of them died, but all other kept moving to me, ready to jump, plus new hunters came. And then suddenly somebody started to shot from liquid tank's stand. That man killed closest to me dogs, other dogs became confused for a while - that was best moment to climb on stand. I turned to the stand and looked up to the man - that was stalker in expensive protecting suit. I took a look at his face and still looking there for second in confusion... He gave me his hand and yelled "climb!"
With his help I climbed on the stand. In few seconds amount of the dogs was doubled. The stand was safe place. The stalker gave me "Chaser 13" and belt of buck shells and ordered to shot at dogs on right side. Together we killed about thirty dogs until amount of them became critical. Then survived dogs ran away.

The Stalker said that I don't need to give him shotgun because he got it in the check point’s warehouse and recommended me to go deep in Zone – to north as fast as possible because military helicopter will come here soon to find out about situation.

The stalker ran to north. I took my time for rest and moved to north as well, reached little bridge and heard sound of coming helicopter. I rushed down under bridge, slipped on wet grass and fell in spring, then found dry place, got there and turned on my PDA. In encyclopedia, in "legendary stalkers" section I found the stalker, which saved me. He was Dezodor.

P.S.:Dezodor is in Top 20 stalkers in “Priboi Story” :D
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby Doctor FoX » Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:46 am

There is a rumor that a goblin lives in the Cordon. Local gossip has it that it wears children's clothing and has incandescent, emerald eyes with a distorted smile. Most sources say it is near the abandoned houses at the northern end of the anomalous tunnel, however few have dared braving swathes of Springboards, Military checkpoints and nasty bandits to confirm this... the ones that have tried have already met their fate.
The Zone is as rewarding as it is unforgiving, Stalker...
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby Nepharion » Sun May 04, 2014 12:56 pm

That was the third Day since i wake up in newbie camp....
After robbing the military and cross their patrol I got the access to the 100rad bar.
Staying in for like 3 hours while drinking this premium vodka i got from these new stalker at the entrance...

That's when he came in, a big guy in exosuit seriously damaged, holding a broken Spas 12.

He sat next to me and ask if I could share some of my vodka and food with him...
Without saying anything, i tend him corn with the other bottle i got earlier.

The poor soul started to eat right away like if it was his first meal in days.
After a while he took some drink and said....
"I thought there was no more Stalker like you in the zone, that they have gone thug or dead long ago.
I'm ashamed to say that I have nothing left to thanks you properly, but, if you want i can explain what happened to me."

I nod and he instantly carry on
" I'm in the zone for ages now, i thought i knew everything about it, how to kill those mutans,
how to fight the monolith, how to get out of an anomaly, but fool i was.
The zone changed, mutans who were mere shit in my eyes are now a nightmare to deal with.
Before you could spot a bloodsucker in a tunnel and shoot him right away, last day i was surprised by 3 of them.
3 red ones that nearly killed me, it's so humiliating. But that's not all it's like the zone speak to them....
The earth suddenly shake to make me fall in front of a rats nest. Shitload of dogs led by pseudo ones break through my
shelter while a blowout. After taking care of them and resting a bit i came out and took my binoculars...."

Sweats dripping off his face, he took a long drink like if it was to get courage and start to whisper from there.

"There was....there was a pack of adults chimera far aways coming staight for me.
It was like they were sended to me, it was so impossible for a pack to act like that.
That's when i hear it deep inside me, this voice that came out when you think hope is lost...
This only word that is repeated countless time in your head in such time... !!!!!!!!!!!

Some may said that was fool to act like that as chimera are fast as psychoburst but...
If i hadn't run without taking my stuff, I would have perish there like a worm in a hole."

He suddenly stop like he just remembered something, smiled then start again

" I know it's like sending you in hells mouth to say that but, i'll give you the coordinate of the place.
It may be infested right now but if you have the guts to poor yourself in you can take all the stuff i put in the safe.
I send you the code too so it's all up to you. I'll not ask you to return me something cause..... nah nvm.

Good luck stalker and thanks again for that."

With that said, the poor guy exit the bar so i decided to sleep as i was a bit drunk...
Next morning i decided to equip myself well and drive to darkscape.
I scout with my binoculars the roundabout of the said place but oddly, nothing was there.
After getting inside the cave i found a metal door leading into a long tunnel.
There was blood and claw mark in the walls as well as ammo in the ground.
I found the safe and open it with the code. There was artifacts and ammo in as well as good amount of money.

After taking all i continue my way inside. Maybe there was more to see in there.

After 30 min or so i found one chimera corpse, then couple of others during the exploration..
I finally reach the end of the tunnel, a dead end with an alpha chimera in bad state, still breathing with a SPAS 12
in the mouth. The beast couldn't even see me or move, so i finish it while i had the chance to.

And here i found it, a stalker corpse, in exosuit completely thorned...and this face.....
That's only when i see him lying down there with this smile in his face that i truly understand his words.

Some could say i was too drunk this night and i see things that didn't even exist, some others would say that
the coordinate i got in my pda prove my story. But one thing was clear to me...

I needed to properly send off this man with his beloved Shotgun on his grave.

After i burried him near the sea, i took a drink while looking at the grave and poor the bottle into the dirt.
While whispering to what's was left of his mask.
" I hope you'll enjoy it brother "

Then i left this place, holding now a men's bravours in my blank memory.

End of this story

Well... I never thought i will have write something like that about this game when i first play it years ago.
And even less in English. That will sounds like a poor excuse but i'm french so there will be many things to say
about my writing. And i really hope it'll not be borring to read while correcting it :oops: .

Ps: I also wanted to say that the work you done in lost alpha is really something and i'm enjoying the way
i'm scrared by random things now. I have been scared with all stalkers game...who don't.

But i think lost alpha is way more scarry than the originals and that is really outstanding.

Cheers stalkers see you in the zone.
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Re: Your stories for Lost Alpha

Postby bulletbelch » Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:10 am

Strelok leaves the zone and becomes Vladimir Putin (he looks like Putin). He returns with an Army to conquer the Ukraine so that he can free everyone in the zone.
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