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July 10. 2011.

We are looking for more volunteers for Voice Acting again! (no paid jobs, sorry, this is a free project). We may not be able to use you right away until more of the story is implemented, but when your voice is needed, we need you to be active and ready.



– Be at least 22+ years of age, the older the better (if you are younger, but you think your voice is good, send us samples)
– Having a deeper raspy voice naturally, or, for example if you are a smoker
– Can perform different accents/vocal tones and can take direction when needed for script reads
– Have a good mic (i.e. condenser mic with a pop filter and low noise recording atmosphere).

The rest of the stuff, such as effects, and extras will be added at LiquidBronze’s studio. All files should be sent raw, as high quality MP3’s. Voice actors should send at least 4-5 takes so the best can be used from that.


Test phrases: (choose one which fits for you the best)

Duty NPC: (sorrow, a little nervous) Damn mutants! Those were some of my best men, keep investigating the area; I need to know what happened to them!

Military NPC (stern, rough voice): This area is off limits, if you want to get in, you need to convince me first!

Scientist NPC: A message to all personal, mutant attacks have become more frequent, so I have been forced to lock the doors to the lab, the code is XXXX (any number)



If you feel you have all the requirements, record a test sample and send it to dezovoiceauditions@yahoo.com, and we will reply as soon as possible!

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