It’s Alive!

Well, my fellow stalkers, looks like we made it! The new site is online! Can you believe it? You will, just give it some time :)

So Dez gave me this order asked me to write a little welcome message to all of you, faithful followers of the group. So here I am, writing the first post of the new site :)

I’m bg by the way, your humble webmaster. I’m the one to curse if something goes wrong, or looks ugly on the site. You can drop me a mail, or catch me on the forums anytime, if you have something to say about the site. I’ll be glad to hear your opinion, positive or negative.

First of all, few words about It’s not fully done yet! A lot of stuff is missing (yeah, understatement :), as you will see. But we couldn’t stand the pressure anymore, so we decided to open the thing. In the next few days and weeks we’re going finish uploading the content, fixing the bugs, if there’s any (pretty sure there is)… to get it done basically.

What’s working right now: the forum must be fully functional, go ahead, use it!  We can post news on the site’s “News” section, the screenshots module is pretty much done (far from perfect, but it’s working), and the comment system is also working. The biggest flaw right now is the user system. The forum’s and the site’s user handling is completely separated. Yes, it’s lame, I know… I just couldn’t make it yet. So, you need to register on the main site, if you want to comment the news or the shots; and to the forum separately, if you want to chat there.

Well, that would be all right now. Have fun, I hope you guys like the new look and feel of the site!

And last, but not least, we’d like to thank Oleg from for the server, for the help and for everything. Thanks mate!

Alright folks, the bar forum is waiting, let’s have a little chat!

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