Status Report – September 2012

Today we have some news to forward. Rumors are that the release will be postponed until a further date. Unfortunately, it’s true. We regret this decision, but here let us lay out the motivation behind this.

There are several factors we took into consideration. The main reason is, the game engine was updated, and the last 2 months didn’t seem to be enough to debug and fix a game, which was made for almost 5 years. We underestimated the time needed to make such a big project… The release date that you saw on ModDB was set sometime around January, after we published the New Year 2012 video. It’s only our fault, that our guess was wrong, and we couldn’t keep up the pace.

If we are talking about a dreamgame, our dream, we can not let gamebreakers hide in our files. We started to concentrate on fixing all possible defects, and with the help of pro stalker enthusiasts, we can test pretty much everything now… but it takes time. Our bugtracker and Dropbox folder is used daily more than the Moscow-Washington hot-line during the Cold War.

We are also cooperating with GSC for a long time. They were very kind and helpful. We listen to their advices, constructive critics, since they have more experience in gamedev than us. We’ve even got some never published materials from them, which we got green light to release for modders to help in the creation of new wonderful mods for this mythical game. Our cooperation has been fruitful so far and if everything goes like that in the future we all will have the game we dreamed about.

Harpy monster
made for LA by iwann

Old AK74 model brought
back by Lijenstina (model) and
Cromm Cruac (texture)

We wish we could tell you all the things, which happened to us, or the features we added to the game so far but we can’t do it at this point. OK, we will tell one, the multicore support for new CPUs. It’s really hard not to talk about many factors, which also caused delay now. Believe us, we have a really good reason, which we will tell you about as soon as we can. Let the dust clear up a bit, and we – and definitely You – will be the happiest stalkers in the world.

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