Lost Alpha Developer’s Cut 1.4005 Released!

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and we are decorating the xmas tree, baking gingerbread cookies and staying with our family, those we belong to! During this long journey we realised, our family became a bit bigger, because we have many new friends since 2009, when we first announced Lost Alpha.

An Xmas holiday season – which starts from 20th of December to 7th of January for us – wouldn’t be full without you guys and girls! You are part of our family as well. We’ve worked worked a lot in 2017 on DC, and now we would like to share something special with you. A full Lost Alpha DC 1.4005. What does it mean? It’s a full official repack with the base Lost Alpha game, and all patches and addons bundled together up till now! It’s a game, which contains hundreds of fixes, and if not more addons, and extras since the first DC release.

Speaking of addons, concurrently or just shortly after the release of this new version, a new unofficial addon will be uploaded, changing some fundamentals of gameplay, and bringing a new look to weapons, but also new weapons and items as well. It will use our new addon framework, which will make installing new content a breeze.

To download DC 1.4005 full, visit one of these links:
ModDB download part1: DC 1.4005 4/1 download
ModDB download part2: DC 1.4005 4/2 download
ModDB download part3: DC 1.4005 4/3 download
ModDB download part4: DC 1.4005 4/4 download
Torrent download: DC 1.4005 Torrent download

Full changeslog can be read here: DC 1.4005 Changeslog (final)

How to install it?
Simple as that. Download the DC 1.4005 installer (zipped package), unpack all parts, run Setup. Install the game somewhere you wish to, and play. New game start needed! Do not install this version on a previous Lost Alpha installation(s), keep it separated. We are working on a smaller installer, which can be installed on previous 1.4002 patch for those, who do not want to redownload the whole repacked game, just the new stuff since the previous official patch.

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September 2023