S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha DC

Some people already buried our project, but we are still working on our dream game, Lost Alpha. The progress is in fact not faster than before, since after the unexpected issues in April, our team became smaller, but stronger than ever. We got all the good and bad since the early-access release, many people simply did not understand they are playing a work in progress game. Slowly during the months it became more and more stable, but stability is not equal to readyness. While we were working on the 4th patch – namely 1.3004 -, it became more and more clear we need to release the developers cut, because the content we were planning was simply bigger than a patch, besides the early-access release contained many junk, which we planned to wipe out to make the game more polished and organized, which is good for modders too. Do not worry, we won’t remove the nearly 100 developer test levels left in the game.

What do we plan to add? More life to the Zone, earlier unlocked freeroam for npcs, less empty places on huge levels, rewised weapons and trading system, rewised atmospheric ukrainian weather and HD textures addon for buildings and for vegetation (optional), rewised and new render modes and shaders (r1 – dx9 static lightning,r2 – dx9 full dynamic lightning and r3 – dx10.1 full dynamic lightning, r4 – dx11 full dynamic lightning), fixes in wetsurface and detailbump just to mention some, better sound environments, sound engine fixes, all in stalker style, as we all like. In top of that, the upcoming 1.3004 content and all previous patch content will be included in the Developers Cut. To keep it short, here is the link to the changeslog we constantly update, so it’s better to check it regularly. We plan to release the Developer’s Cut as a big update, we also have in plans to re-release the whole game with all the patches and the DC applied on it. On top of that we are working on the ‘gift’ for our donators which we promised. Don’t want to spoil much about that, but it will be around 9-10gb big unpacked, and will contain many goodies from the development era of LA. More news to be posted soon!

We are actually glad we could make the game much better already than it was half a year ago, and we really thank to You all for the support. We got ten-thoudands (if not more) of positive and constructive comments, also we had our own vision, and tried to mix that with the requests of our active fanbase. We are also glad that ModDB staff helped us a lot!

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February 2024