S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha v1.3003 Patch Released

Here is the long awaited third patch for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha. Due to the changes in storyline and engine, it’s required to start a new game after you installed this update. Your previous saves made with 1.3002 will not work. This patch is cumulative, so you will not need to install the previous (1.3001 or 1.3002) patch at all.

Install notes:
Unpack the zip somewhere, and run the setup. It will wipe the previous patch content, as well as gamedata, and bins directory from the game. So if you had modded files, make sure you back them up before you run the patch.Beware, mods created for previous patches will not work with this 2nd patch until mod makers make them compatible. We can not give support in this case.

Changes log:

– fixed “can not open video stream” crash on Swamp
– fixed missing sprint anim for Fort pistol
– fixed weather getting stuck on “af_preblowout”
– fixed Sin being hostile for no reason on Darkscape
– fixed random NPCS at kamp in garbage
– fixed Lukash anomaly machine task dialog
– fixed crash to desktop after final arena battle- fixed errors with unupgradable stalker exo outfit
– fixed third gift dialog with Ivancov
– fixed case where sometimes Mole would not talk after military battle
– fixed Can’t find include file:[text\eng\string_table_tasks_swamp.xml]
– fixed [error]Description : No available phrase to say, dialog[out_hunter_start]
– fixed stalker trader leaving his post on Construction level
– fixed Sarcofagus battery not disappearing after use
– fixed case where Dolina prisoner won’t talk to you if you open the cell before he is captive
– fixed crash with “missing section”
– fixed unresponsive military at cordon bridge
– fixed military blockposts getting hostile for no reason
– fixed early message to meet Mole from Seriy task

– finetuned weapon damages again
– finetuned step sounds for earth surface (they were too silent)
– finetuned monster damages again
– finetuned ai reactions for silenced weapons and certain materials
– raised the headlamp’s light angle
– disabled ammo repacker until we can make it better
– upgraded bandit outfits will now also work for the bandit infiltration task- increased secret trader stay time
– increased chance of secret trader having unique items
– removed the money robbing on Deadcity to create a smooth cutscene in prison
– added missing trade ltx for Petrenko. Note that it will only work after a certain stage in the game!
– added working trunk to white lada on Darkdolina
– added free roaming NPCs in Freeplay mode (after good ending)
– removed .avi files from the game to avoid conflict with codecs on certain computers
– reduced some more quest items’ weight to zero
– added missing articles for Burer and Chimera
– removed unnescessary crashes with errors such as ! item [***_***_***] not found!!

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February 2024