Priboi Story

Priboi Story was a new storyline total conversion addon for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow Of Chernobyl which we created in 2007-8. We love adventure games, where you need to think more than shoot, so we tried to approach stalker from this view. This style is not popular nowdays, or better to say not as popular as adrenaline shooters. This does not mean, that you will be bored during gameplay, there are still nice fight scenes. We tried to make an unique addon, where we used more own features, than merged ones. It does not belong to the mainstream modpacks, which makes Priboi an “underground” style total conversion.

Basically in Priboi, you are a military special investigation unit, called Priboi Slipchenko, and the Military Defence at Kiev sends you to the Zone, to uncover some mistic organisation, and find a missing group which lost near Pripyat or NPP but exact location is unknown and also find out what happened to the military chopper which supposed to save some ecologists near Radar.

In this game, you will need to read and talk a lot. We added lots of dialogs, info to npc-s, and the more you explore the levels, the more you will be able to uncover the secrets of the uhsf organisation. We simply wanted to force the player to explore the levels more, because most of us just knows the shortest route on each level, which is not good, since we miss a lots of hidden potentials of the game. Uncovering the organisation can be done, with finding clues, and documentation about them, about their experiments and so on. This will requre you to use the PDA more, and read task descriptions, which you will get automatically from HQ, as soon as you finish the current one. While it seems a straight storyline, it has some overcomplicated parts, which we really like, but not much ppl can go thru them without a walkthrough.

This addon also presented the first experience of “freeplay from start” in early 2008, which means, you don’t need to follow the story, you can do anything you want to, you can rush to the NPP or just explore the zone, collect info, goodies and when you feel you are ready for the storyline, just need to talk to the commander, and he will trigger your quests. Also it has some alternative line, which activates if you kill too many teammates. Then you will turn into an outsider, a wanted guy, and you can only find hideout at the bandits.

Priboi project was started in 2007 June, and closed in 2009 February. The release of 1.0 was in 2008 February, and the last version (1.1) was released in 2008 August. We -the whole priboi team- thank you for your support during and after the development!

You can find an unreleased Priboi Story 1.2 beta in the extras (gifts) sent out to all our supporters after the release of Lost Alpha project.

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