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As you might have noticed, we haven’t posted the usual new year video in 2013 yet. We talked about it on moddb, but seems like not everyone received our words. The new year video was a tradition in our small group, and it still is. However you need to understand that trailer making and the game development are now sharing resources, and in the meantime all our members got job already somewhere in real life, so we can not spend all our day with making videos, in the meantime fixing bugs and pleasing every single person on the world. Please don’t think we are some sort of “gods”, who can please everyone, and please don’t blame us if we can’t. You can not imagine how many mails we get every day with requests, which we simply can not futfill. If you would like to support us, the best way to do is: give us patience, and understanding. We don’t need anything else.

Creating a high quality trailer would need a lot of time, which we do not have now. I’ve been discussing this with Cromm Cruac, since he made the previous trailer too. He promised to make the new video too, but only after he finished with the January-February rush at his workplace. Since the new year video would only appear sometimes in March, we decided to create a short gameplay movie until then. Stay tuned, it will appear on moddb and our youtube profile in a week!

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