Great announcement for the New Year!

Here we are at the end of this hectic year and hopefully we can lead you through to the next one with some good news!

In late 2019 a small group of enthusiastic individuals got an idea, an interest to learn Unreal Engine and started to work together as an indie team under the umbrella of Dezowave.
Until now we polished the idea, learned a ton, tried not to kill each other, and built the base structure of the game which reached a kind of pre-alpha state.

Now with high hopes we decided to share it with the public!

It will be an action-RPG game, influenced by the Gothic and the Elder Scrolls series with some Hungarian myth elements. The setting is a medieval-fantasy world that was torn apart by a great war. Our hero has to find his way during those troubled times until he discovers something that changes his life and through him the world. Though the player can choose if it is for the better, or not…

Some of the game’s main features:
– Unique storyline with multiple ending
– Distinctive game mechanics
– Beautiful graphics powered by the Unreal Engine
– Huge open world setting with a 50+ km² map and many individual dungeons and indoor locations
– Day-night cycles and fickle weather
– Living and breathing world

Current members who are working on the project:
– Sándor Dezső – Sichrol (programmer, design, idea)
– Valentin Fokin – Mozsombozsom (programmer)
– Róbert Haáb – Tzupi (project management, game design, story)
– Zoltán Munkácsi – Dez (level design, lighting)

Please mind the fact that the screenshots were taken from the pre-alpha dev build, so it is far from the final version, also from our dreams :)

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ScreenShot00006 ScreenShot00013

Which one you prefer? outdoor or underground levels

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