Lost Alpha gameplay video 2013

Here is the promised gameplay trailer for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha! We tried to make it at least as interesting as we did last year. With this video, we would like to close the “happy new year” video series, hopefully we won’t need to do more. There are some things and features to discuss after you finished watching it :)

You will see a working TPS view in action, inventory item highlight feature, which means if you have any weapon or device equipped, it will be marked with green, so if you trade, you will see which weapon you have equipped, so you won’t sell it by mistake! The other one is, if you equip a weapon, the ammo for it will go blue, which will help those players who don’t really know ammo names and types. You will also notice minor changes with the hud. There is weapon strafe inertion, which will move the weapon to that direction where you strafe. It looks nice, but you can turn it off either in console, or in main menu. You will also see, if you go close to walls or any static or physic object, it affects your hud, check how the weapon reacts to it! :) There is zoom toggle, and crouch toggle feature too, which simply keeps your weapon zoomed, or your character crouched, until you press the button again. This means, you don’t need to hold down the crouch or zoom button all the time. Again if you prefer the old method, you can turn this off in console, or in main menu! The combat AI was also tweaked a bit, as you will see in the video, we still kept it soft-core, because playability and fun is still more important.

Music by: MoozE

MoozE – Stalker – Rad Exp#1-1 (blowout theme)
MoozE – Stalker – Rad Exp#1-2 (blowout theme)
MoozE – Stalker – Predator

And in the end, under the credits you can hear ambient 022 for a few seconds

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