S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha v1.3001 Patch Released

The patch is savegame compatible, so You do not have to start new game for this patch, but for maximum experience (and because of Murphy’s law) it’s highly recommended. If you installed 3rd party / user made fixes and mods for Lost Alpha retail, it’s highly recommended to reinstall the game to have a clean install before you apply the official patch. This is required to avoid conflicts with the 3rd party content. We can not give support for such cases.

Also if you are trying to load gamesave which you made while you used mods or fixes for the retail Lost Alpha, they won’t work with the newly patched game. You will need to start new game in such case, because all previous modded content was saved to your savegame, which is now unavailable in game since new patch has new content.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: LOST ALPHA Patch v1.3001 (2nd of May 2014.) changelog:

– game binaries are working with administrator privileges now, avoiding problems with User Access Control (UAC) subsystem
– game will work on windows xp, although dx10 cannot be used
– quicksave / quickload buttons now can be remapped
– fixed serious bug with wrong ui_movies.xml which prevented to play half of the game
– fixed storyline battery task in sarcofag
– fixed flying tree and geometry on Yantar level
– fixged geometry on Garbage level
– fixed the crash on r1 (static lightning) render when player entered ‘Great Metal Factory’ level
– fixed rat monster crash and effectors bug
– fixed random crash related to pda contacts section
– temporaly disabled legs/shadow in options, if you have it enabled, please type this to console: g_actor_body 0
– with removing visible leg feature, the missing footsteps and self shadow works again by default
– “la options” debug menu is disabled on widescreen
– crows are again killable
– ak74, ak74u, L85, G36 sounds synchronization fixed
– proper fix for safe crash
– missing “chmieltist” beer drinking sound fixed
– missing p90 model added
– brightness, gamma and contrast sliders fixed
– no available phrase to say, dialog[yantar_sakharov_start_talk] fixed
– no available phrase to say, dialog[agr_ratcatcher_start] fixed
– no available phrase to say, dialog[dol_specnaz_leader_dialog] fixed- several (hopefully all) missing descriptions added back
– crash when player ESC from solitare and hex viewer fixed
– restored working class for hex viewer, text viewer, image viewer, console
– fix for artefact merger
– crash in repair window fixed
– wrong passwords for doors in pda fixed
– loading last save overlap window fixed
– added marker for ‘strelok’s flash’ and ‘yantar wires’ because many users reported it’s too hard to find them
– fixed camera position to climb out of UAZ jeep
– fixed OnMouseAction crash (Tetris in LA PC)
– Veles gives correct download module, so no need to buy it from Barman
– updated mi24 model, should fix “callback kils bone matrix bone: front_gun_tower”
– improved tasks and task completion on agroprom
– fixed luminocity and distance for stalkers to default value, ai works better
– removed the strange reverb when eax is enabled, and added more stable sound dlls
– temporary fix for missing suit upgrade
– fixed incorrect mag size for upgraded pb1
– added vehicle prices to dialogue
– corrected outfits icons and soldier outfit
– new helicopter sound with tuned volumes
– helicopter in cordon patrols less often
– helicopter windows in agroprom fixed (were transparent on r2-3 renders)
– added pda articles for downloads
– missing vehicle icons were added
– several vehicle properties were changed
– topoliny puh anomaly not glitching anymore
– car fuel should work now
– various small tweaks and fixes

Download here:
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