Voice Bloopers!

While we are enjoying summer, we still find some time to work on our project! Our game designers are working hard on implementing our crazy storyline to the game, and what else are needed for a good storyline? Voiceovers!

This is LiquidBronze, voice over organizer, editor and sound effects guy :) I just wanted to take a few moments and give everyone a quick glimpse into the world of voice acting for Lost Alpha! I am also happy to announce we now have over 60 finalized voice overs being used in game! Just as some technical background, I use Sony Acid Pro 7 as my DAW and have been using Acid products since it was still owned by Sonic Foundry back in the day.

To start, I will get a script and edit grammar/sentence structure as needed; I may also create some of the lines myself after speaking with Dez about where he wants to go with scene. After the script is finalized, I will start sending the lines out to our voice actors. The voice actors will normally record four or five takes of each line, so I can pick the best read from them.

Once I pick the best read, I will start editing the voice over for unwanted breaths and noises, timing of speech and volume to make everything consistent. If the voice over does not require effects for a PDA or radio message, I move on to the next recording. If the voice over does require effects, I have some premade templates for PDA and radio messages, in which I just drop the files in and start tweaking as necessary.

Finally, I render everything as a .wav (using correct parameters), then import the files into the SDK and comment everything. I will rename the files per the needed naming conventions, and then send the voices on their way and hopefully nothing needs changed!

While everyone patiently waits for Lost Alpha, here is a small voice over blooper reel that I put together. Everyone has a lot of fun recording and…screaming…a lot! Enjoy this small glimpse into the world of voice acting for Lost Alpha!

Here is the voice blooper, we hope you will enjoy it at least as much as we did, while we created it. Just for You.

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October 2023